4 Essential Website Development tools

To be a successful website developer, there are a huge number of tools one can and should use in their work. The purpose of the tools ranges from requirement tools to those tools used for enhancement, such as editing photos to be used on the website.

The following is a list of some very essential website development tools used by most or all web developers in their day to day tasks.

Text editor

Text editors are the basic requirement in web development. Moreover, most operating systems come with one or more text editors integrated, which makes them open source. These applications give web developers an interface where they can easily type in code for pages and link them up to create web pages.

There are many text editors at the disposal of developers, and programmers like www.jemcologics.com chose the best based on aspects such as their syntax manipulation ability, basic find and replace features and the general ease of use and availability of the same.

FTP Client

A File Transfer Protocol client is necessary when one is done with the website development. It is also necessary after they have finished writing code and ensuring the site is stable. The FTP is used to upload the finished website in raw format to a web server, where the website is to be hosted.

Many of the C-panels often have a file transfer client. However, they limit on certain aspects such as the file size and type, hence most developers opt for Filezilla, which is open source and very easy and smooth to use. Furthermore, it is very easy to navigate User Interface and has no limitations on file type and file size.

Web browser

A web browser gives a web developer a testing platform, where they can check the progress of the website. They also use by using a local host before hosting it on the web servers, to ensure they upload the desired output.

Most or all web browsers are open-sourced, with the most popular being Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer by windows. Choice of a web browser is based purely on personal user preference.

Local web server

Local web servers, also referred to as a local host, are used to host the database for the website, and also holds the various raw code created using the text editors. The most popular Local server applications are WAMP and MAMP, with WAMP being purely open sourced, and MAMP with an option to purchase the pro version which has more functionalities.

A local web server is greatly essential because a developer is able to work on something they are seeing. Moreover, they know how the website will look before it gets out to the intended audience.

These tools are developed to make web development simpler, and each category has a number of options from different providers, and in as much as they do the same job, user preference and ease of use have made most of the tools more famous than the others.

Enjoy designing!!!!