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4 Essential Website Development tools

To be a successful website developer, there are a huge number of tools one can and should use in their work. The purpose of the tools ranges from requirement tools to those tools used for enhancement, such as editing photos to be used on the website.

The following is a list of some very essential website development tools used by most or all web developers in their day to day tasks.

Text editor

Text editors are the basic requirement in web development. Moreover, most operating systems come with one or more text editors integrated, which makes them open source. These applications give web developers an interface where they can easily type in code for pages and link them up to create web pages.

There are many text editors at the disposal of developers, and programmers like www.jemcologics.com chose the best based on aspects such as their syntax manipulation ability, basic find and replace features and the general ease of use and availability of the same.

FTP Client

A File Transfer Protocol client is necessary when one is done with the website development. It is also necessary after they have finished writing code and ensuring the site is stable. The FTP is used to upload the finished website in raw format to a web server, where the website is to be hosted.

Many of the C-panels often have a file transfer client. However, they limit on certain aspects such as the file size and type, hence most developers opt for Filezilla, which is open source and very easy and smooth to use. Furthermore, it is very easy to navigate User Interface and has no limitations on file type and file size.

Web browser

A web browser gives a web developer a testing platform, where they can check the progress of the website. They also use by using a local host before hosting it on the web servers, to ensure they upload the desired output.

Most or all web browsers are open-sourced, with the most popular being Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer by windows. Choice of a web browser is based purely on personal user preference.

Local web server

Local web servers, also referred to as a local host, are used to host the database for the website, and also holds the various raw code created using the text editors. The most popular Local server applications are WAMP and MAMP, with WAMP being purely open sourced, and MAMP with an option to purchase the pro version which has more functionalities.

A local web server is greatly essential because a developer is able to work on something they are seeing. Moreover, they know how the website will look before it gets out to the intended audience.

These tools are developed to make web development simpler, and each category has a number of options from different providers, and in as much as they do the same job, user preference and ease of use have made most of the tools more famous than the others.

Enjoy designing!!!!

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Finding The Best Design Themes For E-Commerce Websites

This tutorial will help you find the best design themes for E-commerce websites.

Are you not satisfied with the conversions you are generating from your e-commerce website? Or perhaps you are only in the beginning stages of building one? Regardless of which group you belong to, it’s essential to learn where you can find the best design themes for e-commerce sites. Your theme can make or break your online business. During the design process, you must remind yourself that it’s all about conversions. There is no use to making your e-commerce store as beautiful as possible if it fails to generate any sales.

Using Free E-Commerce Templates

With a quick online search, it’s possible to find countless free themes that enable you to set up your e-commerce website in very little time. As you may imagine, these themes are extremely popular primarily because they don’t require any financial investment. There is, however, a huge downside to free e-commerce templates.

When creating an online store, one of the most important things you should consider is that the design elements on your website must identify with your brand. It is for this reason that using free themes may not be the best option for you. The last thing you want is for potential customers to visit your store only for them to leave because your store looks exactly the same as the previous one they visited.

In short, how your e-commerce site looks plays an important role in earning the trust of your target audience. And by building trust, you can expect to generate a greater number of sales.

Optimizing E-Commerce Web Design

Take note that this doesn’t mean you should completely scratch free templates from your considerations. But you should take the time to make necessary adjustments to make the free theme identify with your brand.

Of course, the better way is to have your very own e-commerce theme. This can be achieved with the help of a professional web designer. For example the best website designer in Malta, keen LTD By using your own template, you can make all the adjustments you want and truly make the e-commerce store your own.

That said, it pays to familiarize yourself with the most important design elements of your online store. While everything found on your page can help in generating sales, a good way to get started is to focus on three things: user experience, sales copy, and calls to action.

When talking about user experience, it covers everything that makes it easier for visitors to find and purchase products. This includes using multiple images to let viewers see your product from different angles. This also entails optimizing your sales funnel so you can easily lead customers toward the checkout process.

Creating excellent sales copy can also play an important role in driving conversions. In particular, make sure that you create unique product descriptions. Instead of simply enumerating the details of your product or its technical specifications, it’s better to share about the potential benefits it can offer to your prospects. Now multilingual websites can be very tricky. Here’s one that Keen just designed;

Lastly, don’t forget to use calls to action in different areas of your website. In most cases, this comes in the form of a button in e-commerce websites. Using call to action buttons instead of traditional text links can help you receive better click through rates and ultimately boost your bottom line.

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Find A Board Game That Suits Your Style

Have you ever stood inside a gaming store with that blank look on your face, wondering exactly which of the hundreds of board games for sale you should get? Games aren’t cheap so making sure you get the board game that best suits your style and occasion is important.

We’ve got years of board-game-playing experience and we still get lost sometimes. But it doesn’t need to be that hard.

Today we’ll look at some play styles and occasions when you might want to play and figure out a few board games that would best suit each scenario. Just figure out where you stand, and follow our suggestions. Then you can extrapolate from there.




If you’re about to host a party for fellow board game geeks, you’ll want to have a game that’s meant to be played by more than just two players (otherwise you’re going to have a lot of people standing around doing nothing). While most games are meant to be played by two or more players, games with a larger minimum number of players are better suited for bigger parties.

You should also try to find games that don’t require too much management and setting up. Games like Monopoly might be suited for groups, but they have a reputation for ruining friendships and are too serious for a party.






If you’re the kind of person that loves a good one-on-one challenge of pure wits, or if you’ve got the type of friends who go to sleep reading the dictionary at night, then a good strategy or word game is what you need in your life.

We’ve decided to put these two styles together because they both require more commitment to play well than to learn. Unlike other games, like Settlers of Catan, which need a lot of time to even learn how to play, these games seem simple on the surface but have so much depth you will never be able to learn everything there is to learn about them.

So grab a friend, sit down, and learn one of these board games… you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to beat each other.








Some people prefer the sort of games that require intelligent planning-ahead. So if you’re the sort of person that’s willing to look several moves ahead before taking this one, finding pride in knowing you saw your opponents’ actions before they even knew they were making them, we’ve got the perfect board games for you.

Just don’t be surprised when you find some of your friends aren’t the best of losers… beating people at these sorts of games tends to bring out the worst on people. You’ve been warned.



The Game of Life

Easy Money




This is a classic ‘best for 2 players’ strategy game. It’s incredibly easy to learn and play, and yet there are so many different ways to win that you can have game after game and not repeat a move.



Android Netrunner



So now you’ve got a few suggestions.

Take what we’ve given you and roll with it. Go forth and find your perfect board game!


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