Coffee tables come in different shapes and sizes, with the best tables a result of adventurous design ideas. Vendors have with time incorporated stocking of a variety of coffee table designs to win more potential clients who have different tastes.

Below are a number of ideas applied in making the modern coffee tables.

The glass on top coffee tables

One of the most common coffee table design is the glass on top option. This design can be implemented using wooden legs and base for the glass top, or the option of brass legs for a more vintage look. The glass used is thick and strong, to ensure the table holds items without breaking.

Integrating wheels on coffee tables

A coffee table with wheels is a trend mostly in use in rooms with a minimized space. These coffee tables make it easy to be moved around to create some space once they are not in use. To avoid rocking which would cause spillages, the moving part of the wheel has a lock, which holds them in place, and is unlocked if the table is to be moved around.

Coffee tables with drawers

Its common practice that a coffee table only has the top and a base. Coffee tables fitted with small pull-out drawers are not only unique but also act as storage for such things as sugar dishes, study notebooks, salt shakers and even sauces for teacups.

Adopting more than one coffee tables

In the place of one large coffee table, which may look monotonous to the eye, a designer can break this look by adopting more than one small coffee tables. These can be matching tables, both look, size, and design, or an adventurous different color but same design. This integration allows a different decorative item on each of the tables.

Coffee tables with no legs.

A common trend for coffee tables, especially those used to play cards on, is a single slab, either round or circular. These can be made from a single well cut hollow log of a tree, to give it a retro look.

Go retro

Retro coffee table design takes the interior design of a room back a few centuries. This can be achieved by using old wood and incorporating patterns associated with old times, like engraving geometrical shapes.

Art on coffee tables

Art is timeless, so is the allure it brings forth. Art on tables varies from ink art to engraved art. The art design gives the table a timeline, from modern art to a vintage look. Art has also been incorporated in glass on table designs.

All wooden coffee tables

These are coffee tables made purely of wood, with no bolts or glass or brass legs. It is one of the oldest and most common coffee table designs. In the place of bolts, wooden pieces are fitted together using joints.

These designs can be adventurously integrated together, like having a glass on top of a coffee table with wheels for a complete look.

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