Where we stay, matters a lot. Much more so if we are on a vacation, have to stay for a while, or just out on a visit. Choosing accommodations is important because you will be staying away from home, and it will greatly affect your time to rest, your comfort and security.

Renting a villa for a short stay is a good idea. You can find villas for rent here… maltasothebysrealty.com/eng/rentals/mlt/villa-type. You can also get in touch with Malta SIR on their google plus. It allows more space, a bit of freedom and a feeling of comfort that a home can provide. Villas are ideal for these occasions:

  • Group or family vacation. Villas can provide maximum comfort and space for large groups or for the entire family. Choose the one with the kitchen to enjoy meals of your choice, unlike in the limited menus of hotels. Prepare dishes that suit your tastes or try native delicacies in the locality.
  • Longer periods of stay. It is economical to rent a villa for longer periods than shoulder the daily rate of hotels. And it allows more room for luggage and other stuff.
  • Ideal for kids and aging family members. Kids are too active at their age, and confining them in hotels during vacations will not allow them to fully enjoy their stay. Outdoors will always be fun and they expect spacious areas to move freely. Same with aging grandparents.
  • Most villas are fully equipped with the latest in technology. Which allows people to relax but still connected with the rest of the world. You may be away from the limelight but still get the latest in entertainment.

Renting a villa sounds great instead of staying in hotels. However, it has its downsides too. Take a look at the following concerns:

  • Villas are safe but it can be risky too, considering that only a few employ security guards 24/7. Most owners rely on automated means to monitor and ensure security in the area.
  • Staying in villas is peaceful and the location is ideal for rest and relaxation. However, establishments could be far from it and it would take a few minutes of travel to get something from the city. You may get less entertainment and nightlife activities are almost impossible considering the distance.
  • Villas are mostly managed by caretakers and a cook. But it is entirely different from a prompt and punctual attendance of hotel staffs and other on-call services the hotels provide, from transportation to utility services.

Luxury hotels can be an excellent option too. If you are just alone or with a few friends, that could fit in a hotel room or two, it is better to stay at the heart of the city if you wished, rather than find peace in the isolated locations of villas. Hotels are good for those who love to travel and explore other places but still want the glamor and glitz of city life.

Enjoy 24/7 service of hotel staff, from food to errands and other concerns, which are not available in villas. Besides, never doubt the comfort that only luxurious hotels can provide. Rest assured that the area is secured, you are safe and the management looks after your welfare in the duration of your stay.

Keep updated with the current news while on vacation. Stay within the city belt in hotels that are run by technologically advanced facilities. There are some that could not just get away totally from the outside world despite the distance, hence, technology is a must.

I want to make it clear that it does mean that you have to break the bank to go on a holiday and enjoy yourself. At the end of the day, its all about you partner, wife, husband, kids, family, friends. They are the ones how will make your holiday a memorable one, when you get older and revist those holiday photos.

Make vacations meaningful, either in villas or hotels, as long as you get the desired luxury that only a well-planned vacation can give. Choose the ones suited to your needs, near your purpose and closest to your heart.