Do it yourself or hire a property agent?

The age old question. Here’s what we think about the subject.

Selling real properties has taken a new direction nowadays. Many opted to sell directly to buyers without tapping the services of real estate agents. Aside from taking the proceeds of the sale in full, owners can negotiate on terms and conditions immediately, hence, making the deal a lot easier for both parties at most advantageous terms.

Various factors are affecting real estate deals. Agents are still active and a number of transactions are still handled by them. However, let us consider some points that have changed the outlook of property owners in terms of selling real estates.

  • Substantial savings on brokerage fee and a commission fee of agents. Although agents will relieve property owners of the stress and hassle that are always present in every negotiation, the amount that can be saved could not just be disregarded. It is still savings, regardless of the amount.
  • Getting the best deals. Of course, the transaction is made first-hand, between parties who are really into the property. Agents work based on the commission that they can gain and the higher the price, the better. Whereas, between the owner and a buyer, the negotiation is focused on most favorable terms for both parties. They compromise based on how they value the property.
  • The role of social media and the internet. A number of sites on the internet allow sellers to advertise, post updates and look for potential buyers online. This has replaced the usual roles of real estate agents. Property owners like who are too occupied to spend time selling their estates have relied on them in the past years to carry out negotiations.

Doing it on your own has its benefits. However, it is not always the best option. Consider these factors before finalizing a transaction, to avoid losses from what could have been a great deal.

    • Knowledge of the Real Estate Business. The business world is the most complex arena where humans are out to make a profit, get the best deals and maintains a competitive advantage over the rest. This could not be learned overnight, but a product of years of experience in the ups and downs of economic trends, fluctuation of prices and the current trends.
    • Access to the credibility of potential buyers. Real estate agents are licensed to sell and evaluate buyers interested to buy the property. They are trained and are equipped with the skills to assess buyers at first encounter. Maybe this can be attributed not just from their attendance to training and courses but also in dealing with hundreds of potential buyers from various walks of life. They have experienced failed negotiations, hence, the character of buyers with whom they encountered failures, somehow enriched their knowledge on the assessment of human behavior.
    • Marketing strategies. Real estate agents are trained to sell, at the right price, at the most profitable venture. Marketing is the most competitive and dynamic aspect of all transactions in the corporate world. Everyone knows the principles behind great sales but only a few are gifted with the ability to put it into practice.

Customers are enlightened to the highest levels. Technology has made it possible to educate customers on everything that they need to know about the market, thus, convincing them is not that easy anymore. As real estate agents and property owners are busy looking for buyers, clients, on the other hand, is also looking for the best options online.

Much more so that transactions, queries, and surfing can be done at the palm of their hands, potential clients are doing their business efficiently nowadays. In just a click, they can compare options, weigh the advantages and choose the best one.