The rise in popularity of guest posting

Way back in 2011 when I got started in SEO, Google had not figured out how to distinguish between a great link and a shitty link. And all the spammy sites used to rank on the first page while the genuine websites had no exposure. Thanks God, this has been fixed and now cheating Google has become extremely hard.

A new breed of SEO expterts were born and they only practice white hat SEO.  80% of their efforts go into link building. In the long run, in my openion, guest post link building is very beneficial to both the SEO agencies and the client. Why? Because if you are using grey or black hat SEO, there might be a chance that google will close in on that and you will lose rankings, also with pbn’s there are running costs, so it is wise to invest some time learning guest posting.

It is really simple to do actually. You just need to type in google search operators like social media, business or startup + “write for us”

The search queries you use is very much dependent on the site you are trying to land links for. If it was for a plumber or a roofer site, you would write someting like home improvements + “write for us”

The next step would be to contact the website owner. There’s 2 ways you can do this, either throught the contact form on that page or you can use tools to email hunter to find their personal email.

Then all you have to do is pitch them an article and voila, about 10% will accept your article and in return they will give you a link back to your or your clients site, either contextual or in the bio. Bio links work fine as well.

I truly believe that guest posting efforts should be at the core of every SEO agency.  There are other methods of white hat link building like for example infographic submissions, but for now we are going to stop here. We do not want to overwhelm you with info. Thanks for reading. Keep in touch.